In-Store Ads

We are pleased to offer in-store ads.

Maybe you went through the QEII Foundation Dream Home in Taylor Estates and heard ads in the home every few minutes? These ads broadcasted the home sponsors and home details. The sound system was supplied by Audio Concepts. We were pleased to provide the ad broadcasting system to the Dream home. You can also hear our in-store ads in retail outlets such as Woodland TIM-BR MART Grande Prairie.

What are in-store ads?

These are ads that play professionally voiced advertisements promoting products and services in your store.

They can “air” in your location as often or little as you choose. It is common for instance to have 8 – 12 ads rotating, airing every few minutes.

Accomplish so much for so little!

  • Upcoming events
  • New products and services
  • Products and services many clients may not realize you offer “Did you know we also sell widgets? They are in the north end of the store.”
  • Time date ads so they run at specific times. Closing time, lunch time, afternoon ads, evening ads, etc.

Email Kevin for details, and a reference from a current happy customer.